Purpose of this tutorial series

  • Learn basic concepts of containers, docker and BioContainers
  • Get hands to create, deploy and use a BioContainer
  • Master the workflow for deploy and publishing a BioContainer in Quay.io or DockerHub

Getting help

Our education portal is work in progress. So if you encounter a logical inconsistency or just want to ask a question - don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  • For technical queries realted with the Biocontainers specification (questions, suggestions, proposal) Specification Github issues are preferred.

  • For technical questiosn related with containers (broken containers, containers request) Containers Issues are preferred.

If you find a typo or want to help us to make this tutorial even better, you are invited to click on “Improve this page”.

Concepts in this tutorial

  • Containers, Docker, rkt
  • Docker containers creation and deployment
  • Minimal rules -> conventions and gold standards

The BioContainers project is truly open source, even this tutorial.